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About Us

Integrated Reliability Services Private Limited

Integrated Reliability Services is established by a group of Engineers with experience Marketing, Sales and Service of Industrial Products. The Management team has more than 50 Man experience in industrial products sales and service.
IRS has well trained and certified engineers to support customers and service supplied products. IRS provide Condition Monitoring Service of various condition monitoring technologies including Vibration Consultancy, Thermography, MCS, Oil Analysis etc. IRS also provides corrective maintenance services like In-situ Dynamic Balancing and Laser Alignment.


IRS aims to become leading industrial products supplier in India in the areas of Digitalization, Process Improvement by working with leading global companies and encouraging internal talent to invent new technologies.


Customers are our source of energy, we work closely with our customer to understand their challenges in Maintenance, Process improvement and convert challenges into solutions with the help of our global associations and internal talent.
IRS inspire employees to explore new technologies to resolve customer specific problems which are unique in nature.

Core Values

  • Dependability, Loyalty, Trustworthy
  • Honesty
  • Transparent
  • Authenticity
  • Humanity

IRS has following products portfolio with customer support services

  • Vibration Meters and Vibration Analyzers
  • Laser Alignment and Balancing instruments
  • Oil Analysis Products
  • MCSA and Thermography products
  • Process Monitoring equipment
  • Lab Equipment

IRS has following service offerings in form of Call Services as on when required, Annual Rate Contracts for Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly visit, On-Site ARC with Manpower based customer site.

  • Vibration Consultancy
  • Alignment and Balancing
  • Thermography Services
  • MCSA Services
  • NDT Services
  • Training