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Oil Analysis and Ferrography

Analysis of lubricating oil and hydraulic oils not only gives the condition of the oil but also gives a fast and accurate picture of what is happening inside the machinery like power generators, gearboxes, compressors, hydraulic oil systems and other critical machines.

Lubricants have to work under demanding conditions, exposed to constant high pressures, temperatures and other harmful factors, including water contamination, corrosion, glycol ingress, soot formation, raw fuel, and air ingested particles.
Effective monitoring of lube oil allows maintenance to be scheduled efficiently, minimising the risk of damage to expensive plants, and avoiding unscheduled downtime and maintenance. Oil Analysis can be used for identifying the used oil Condition through Physical Properties & Chemical properties ccondition and Machine/equipment Condition through Debris Monitoring .

Basic Important Tests following:

  • Viscosity
  • Water by Karl Fischer
  • TAN/TBN Titration
  • Flash Point
  • Fire Point
  • Foaming characteristics,
  • Emulsion characteristics.

Monitoring the condition of Machine Wear Debris Analysis Techniques:

Ferrography/Wear Particle Analysis:

Ferrography: One of the most effective proactive machine condition analyses is Ferrography which looks into mainly below aspects of wear

1. Severity of total wears
2. Size of the wear Particles
3. Shape of the wear particles
4. Composition and concentration of wear
5. Severity of particle size.

Ferrography gives advanced information on machine condition by taking necessary steps at right time machine life can be extended enormously

Spectroscopy: Elemental concentration of wear particles and contaminants are detected & quantified in ppm.

Particle counting: All hydraulic system should be maintained very clean to avoid un-expected failures. To know the cleanliness of Hydraulic oil/ Lube oil we provide particle counting test according to NAS, ISO standard.

Filter patch analysis: Particles will be filtered thru known ranges of filter patches and identified under the microscope.

Advanced properties:

  • RPVOT-Oxidation test, MPC & Ruler Air Release Value, FTIR
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