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Motor Current Signature Analysis

Motor Current Signature Analysis

MCSA program detects motor faults such as broken/cracked bars as well as problems with the high resistance joints on any AC induction motor. Motor Current Signature Analysis (Here after MCSA) technology was the detection of rotor bar faults. Rotor bars are difficult to assess using traditional test methods, including vibration analysis.

Motor current analysis is a valuable additional technology to apply as part of a complete Machinery Health Management program. Motor current analysis provides a conclusive indication of broken rotor bars by identifying the "slip times number of poles" sidebands around line frequency (50 Hz) and comparing the sideband amplitude to the amplitude of the line frequency peak. If the sideband amplitude rises to within 45 dB of the line frequency peak, a problem is indicated, 35 dB indicates severe damage.

We can perform non-destructive testing of:

  • Motors (AC & DC)
  • Generators
  • Transformers

IRS Engineers can conduct the Electric Motor Test & comprehensive report gives you:

  • Detect problems in motors ahead of failure
  • Confirm winding faults before removing motors from service
  • Check the integrity of inventory replacement units
  • Conduct Quality acceptance testing of new or rewound motors
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