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Machine Health Tester: Model IRS 03 V

IRS 03 V is a Microcontroller based powerful front-line condition monitoring tool with measuring multiple parameters like Vibration (Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement), Speed by using Laser tachometer and Noise Test by using Electronic Stethoscope (Finding the source of abnormal noise) and has been designed ergonomically, rugged suitable for various industry applications and its portable & re-chargeable battery instrument. IRS 03 V is an instrument for fast and easy measurement of machine condition in preventive maintenance.

Instrument is a very friendly user to operate easy any technicians just need to mount the sensor on equipment and push the measuring(M) button. Back light LCD Display (That is easy to see even in the dark improve operability).

  • Vibration Measurement (Velocity, Acceleration & Displacement)
  • Noise Test (Electronic Stethoscope- Finding the source of abnormal noise)
  • Laser Tachometer measurement
  • Microcontroller based & Re-chargeable Battery
  • Battery Low Indication
  • Back light LC Display
  • Small size & Light weight
  • Auto Power off

Standard Supply

  • Machine Health Tester IRS-03V with Protective Pouch
  • Vibration Transducer (Accelerometer) VSF-1F, Magnetic Base, Low Noise Cable with Connectors (1.5 mtrs)
  • Headphone & contact tip
  • Laser Tachometer Probe with Reflecting Tapes (3 Strips)
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Test & Calibration Report with Warranty/Guarantee Certificate
  • Carry Bag.

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