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Electric Motor Checker

Electrical Motor Checker is a portable instrument for Electrical Engineers in all kind of industries and is used for quick on-site checks of electric motor and other three-phase machines by measuring of the below parameters.
  • Measuring insulation resistance.
  • Measuring and comparing the resistance of stator winding of an electric motor.
  • Measuring and comparing the inductance of stator winding and the effect of rotor position on electric motor.

Both Analogue & Digital Motor checkers are available with us for identification of electrical faults in Motors, generators, and transformers…etc.,


  • Insulation Resistance (IR) Measurement
  • Identify open and short circuits / loose connections in a winding coil
  • Identify inter turn shorts
  • Detect rotor bar problems without dismantling the rotor
  • Inductance of the winding with respect to different positions for detecting rotor bar cracks
  • Simple operation, accurate & quick assessment of motor condition.
  • Shock Proof Rubber Casing.
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