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Vibration meter IRS01V

IRS 01 V is a micro controlled based basic condition monitoring instrument and handheld vibration tester with all built in measuring parameters (Acceleration, Velocity and Displacement), specifically designed ergonomically & Pocket size for maintenance team (Site Engineers) who need to quickly knows & evaluate the machine condition at site itself when initially installed or after maintenance, repair, or overhaul. IRS 01 V is a friendly user for easy to operate. We just need to mount the sensor on equipment and push the measuring(M) button. Back Light LCD Display (That is easy to see even in the dark improve operability).

  • Measuring Vibration: Displacement, Acceleration and Velocity
  • Micro Controller based
  • Back Light Display
  • Auto Off
  • Battery Low Indication
  • Pocket size and Light weight

Standard Supply

    1) Vibration Tester AVD-999 with Pouch,
    2) Vibration Transducer (Accelerometer) VSF-1F, Magnetic Base, Handheld Probe Rod, Low Noise Cable with Connectors (1.5 Mtrs),
    3) Manual,
    4) 9V Battery (Alkaline),
    5) Test & Calibration Report with Warranty/Guarantee Certificate
    6) Carry Case.

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