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Alignment by Laser Technology

Laser Alignment Services

Alignment is one of the major cause of bearing failure’s, to minimise machine down time and extend bearing life proper alignment is a compulsion. There are various methods and technologies available for alignment but many of them depends on the expertise of technician and all

the expertise may not be available at the time of alignment to avoid these issues alignment by Laser Technology is the best solution. Alignment using laser technology will avoid all human errors and minimise expert requirement. IRS has latest model Laser Alignment instruments with expert manpower to support you as and when required.

Advantages of Laser Alignment

Overall, when the rotating machinery is in alignment, vibration, noise, and structural stress is minimised whilst the machines life, product quality and personnel safety are all enhanced. The main benefits include:
  • Assets can operate at an increased productivity output as breakdowns caused by premature failures of bearings, couplings, and shafts, mounting bolts and excessive vibration level is greatly reduced.
  • Power consumption and heat generation is lowered.
  • Ongoing maintenance and labour cost are lowered.
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