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Vibration Analyser

Digivibe Wireless Vibration Analyzer and Data Collector is new generation vibration analyser with easy connectivity options for wired and wireless sensors. Digivibe MX series vibration analysers has faster data collection time, easy analysis and most importantly post processing data available for all advanced analysis. Digivibe products has best capabilities for analysis of bearing and gear box problems.

The advance functions includes in-situ dynamic balancing with wireless technology. Balancing with wireless technology means safety. Digivibe series is the best choice for customer who choose safety first policy.

    Digivibe M30

  • Vibration Analyzer + Portable Balancer: Features all the capability available in Digivibe. Including 3D ODS simulations, Balancing ETC.

  • Digivibe M20

  • Vibration Analyzer: Includes all vibration analysis functions like Routes, ODS, FFT, Bearing and Gearbox analysis.

  • Digivibe M10

  • Portable Balancer: Includes all Balancing functions + basic Vibration Analysis functions like FFT, Time Wave Form, Harmonics ETC.

  • Digivibe M11

  • A revolution for Vibration Analysis Compare our Vibration Analyzers & Portable Dynamic Balancing.

Functions M30 M20 M10
3D ODS Analysis
FFT Spectra with 3D Waterfall
Easy – Launch rutes
Alarms with ISO color coding
Large Bearing Frequency Database
4 Channel, Triaxial Capable Option
Analysis and Balancing Reports ( CSS, Word, Excel)
Balancing without trial weights

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