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Laser Shaft Alignment™

The world’s fastest & easiest to use laser shaft alignment system.

EI-Shaft Ace™ is the simplest & easiest to use laser shaft alignment experience available. The simple 5-Step alignment process is so intuitive that most users can start performing laser alignments right out of the box. Microsoft Windows®ready and can be installed on any Windows OS tablet, laptop or PC.

System Advantages

  • Improve asset availability & uptime through precision alignment
  • Reduce costs associated with unplanned failures & premature wear
  • Reduce Energy Consumption
  • Wireless Bluetooth® Communication for Safety
  • More efficient and faster than dial indicators
  • 5-Steps-Simple™ alignment Process

Sensor Units

Our Sensors use the latest digital Bluetooth® data processing technology. Sensor units have 30mm CCD-detectors to accommodate even the most difficult alignment set-ups, providing you with precise, repeatable measuring results and allow the system to be more interference immune from the external factors such as vibration and ambient light.

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